UNF Faculty Domains Screen Shot

UNF Faculty Domains

UNF Faculty Domains is a project at the University of North Florida managed by the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT). UNF Faculty Domains is a full featured web hosting solution that [ . . . ]

UNF Digital Humanities Website Screenshot

University of North Florida Digital Humanities Initiative

The University of North Florida Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) promotes collaboration on interdisciplinary projects that combine the use of technology with materials and methodologies from the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences.

Online Course Media website ScreenShot

Online Course Media

The mission of the Online Course Media site is to provide academic media production support for those that wish to put high-quality digital media in an online space.

A Culture of Innovation Video on Vimeo ScreenShot

A Culture of Innovation

The video “A Culture of Innovation“, produced for the ELI Online Fall Focus Session 2012, begins DTLT’s reflections on our approach to teaching and learning technologies.

Ready for Research Video on Vimeo Screenshot

Ready for Research

Ready For Research features several University of Mary Washington students and faculty who were interviewed for the IDIS 101: Scientific Reasoning & Process class taught by Deb Hydorn and Kathy Loesser-Casey as part [ . . . ]